Moving it



SKIMCORP is at the center of today's innovation with its focus on accelerating advancement and bringing that technology to everyone for everyday life. We continue to measure every breakthrough, not by the capability of the product nor the size of the solution, but by the transformation it brings to our users. See what comes next as we continue to move forward.


SKIMCORP's expertise in brand management allows us to invest and expand into top global brands to empower the store network that will bring value and excitement to our customers. Our vision is to be a leading multi-channel retail and service developer that will continue to grow strong brands and find new and innovative brands to move our customer experience forward to new levels.

Real Estate

Investment into key real estate areas is an important part to build communities and help fuel the local economy. SKIMCORP continues to discover and expand its mission and strategy into new territories to provide strong and scalable real estate properties and services to enable our customers to reach their own goals.


We believe we are all connected to move lives of everyone forward together. SKIMCORP's culture of giving back to the communities and charity organizations drives us to think beyond ourselves, and help bring change and hope to where it is most needed.